boosting energy naturally

Today we will talk all about energy and I want to share my 10 natural ways to boost energy naturally, without the use of coffee

I don’t have anything against coffee. I like coffee once in a while, but it’s more of a treat for me.

I sometimes get questions about what I ate today and people ask me, why I don’t have coffee every morning or what they can do to substitute coffee.

Because a lot of people are becoming dependent on coffee and Coffee is like any other drug, the more you have it, the more your body builds up a resistance against it.

Then you need more and more of it to feel that high,  kick that you used to get from one cup of coffee, and even if you don’t drink coffee

If you’re not a big coffee drinker, but you want to gain some ways to feel good throughout the day and just have that energy to go after the things that you want in your life

Whether it be to get fit or to have enough energy to cook or take care of your kids or start a new job or a new business, and your hobby, even whatever it is that you want to do.

Energy is everything. I think having good energy is one of the most beautiful things about people, and one of the things that attracts me to people is their energy and if they’re, you know, positive and uplifting, you just feel good around them.

That’s something that I love about people and something that I also try to embrace for myself, I just feel better when I’m like that.

So I want to share my 10 natural ways on how to boost your energy

I hope that you guys enjoy, So let’s get started!

Tip number One: is probably the most important, it’s The fundamentals when it comes to energy and having enough energy – and that is to get enough sleep I like to wake up pretty early.

I have my little routines and the little rituals that I like to do. First thing: when I wake up, but it’s, so important if you are gonna, be waking up early to make sure that you’re going to bed in time so that you get enough sleep during the night.

This is something that I am so guilty of, and something that I’m, always working on something that I find that works well, is to have a little wind-down ritual before I go to bed so that when I’m In bed I’m calm and I can drift off into sleep.

I would not recommend going to bed at midnight and then trying to wake up at 5:00 in the morning. It is not a good idea. Our body needs sleep. Our body needs time to regenerate to repair, so starting with getting a good amount of sleep is so important so that we don’t have to compromise during the day by drinking lots of coffee or eating sugary things to make us feel good.

I know sleep is a pretty obvious one when it comes to energy, but even for me I sometimes like to get a little push in the right direction or a little reminder of something so basic, but that is so important.

So sleep is number one. Moving on to my second tip for natural energy – and that is moving and getting enough oxygen into your body into yourselves, oxygen – is something that our cells need to produce energy.

It’s, an essential part of the equation, and it’s, actually something that’s, really simple and easy for us to incorporate more of – and that is simply by increasing the amount of movement that we’re making throughout the day and this doesn’t have to be a crazy workout class or something super intense, but just moving.

Our body will increase the amount of oxygen that goes into our blood and then into ourselves. So if you’re feeling a little bit sluggish or drowsy in the middle of the day, just go outside for a 10 to 20-minute, walk getting some fresh air into your body, and again just move your legs.

That will start to move. The blood in your body, you will be breathing in that good oxygen, and that will be going to yourselves even just getting up from your desk, going to the bathroom going to get some water just again getting out of that Terri position.

A lot of us are just sitting on a computer at our desk on a chair. It’s such an unnatural thing, for our human bodies to be sitting down for so many hours. So, of course, we get tired, and on that note of movement as well, I think just having a regular exercise, routine, or kind of schedule or regime that you do throughout the week helps sustain good energy levels throughout your day.

My third tip for increasing energy, naturally throughout the day, is to focus on inner well-being and your inner happiness. Do you guys know that feeling when you first meet somebody and you’re, so in love, and they just give you all the good butterflies and you’re in such a honeymoon phase and you feel like you, don’t even need sleep?

You don’t need food. You just you’re just happy because you’re in love, it could come from like a romantic relationship or even a friendship or having a new job, or accomplishing something in your life.

That is all good energy. That’s coming from inside, so you might think that it’s actually because it has to do with this person or the situation. But if you think about it, it’s stemming from inside, and it’s losing out.

So there is this big well of positive energy that lives within each of us, but I think it’s about like tapping into that, and I think a huge part of that has to do with what we focus our attention on and what we Think about during the day how our self-talk is and not going down the path of involving ourselves with drama or negativity or gossip that might seem exciting or intriguing for a little bit, but once you kind of go down that path, I feel like it comes very Dark and negative and not a positive place.

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So I think it’s really important and I think it’s. A huge responsibility that we have as people is to keep ourselves in a good state of mind and a positive state of mind. It’s about being self-aware and taking responsibility for your life.

For your happiness. For your thoughts and knowing that what you’re thinking about is going to come to fruition so be sure that you’re keeping your environment positive and that you are feeding your mind, good things, just like you’re feeding.

Your body with breakfast lunch and dinner, and you’re keeping it hydrated your mind, needs the same thing. It’s almost like we need to plant. You know good seeds as we plant in a garden and we need to water it, and we need to bring sunshine to it so that those things can flourish.

If we don’t, I feel like it can kind of become very weedy in our brain, and then you know after some time we have to go in there and like pick out all the weeds and plant good things again, I mean I’ve been through this myself as well like I will have moments where I will have good like long periods where I’ll be dedicated, and I’ll, be reading good things and I’ll be journaling and meditating and doing all of those good things, and then something might happen either.

I’ll, be feeling amazing and I’ll, just be like yeah, that’s. Okay, I don’t have to do that today or something bad might even happen. That can kind of like steer me off, but then I start to feel it later and then I kinda have to like to pull myself back and get myself back into my routines and start doing the things that I know are good for me, and then again I Start to see the results, so it’s, just like anything else in life, showering shaving eating sleeping.

We have to do them every day. It’s, not like we just eat once and then we’re fine, having good practice and feeding ourselves positive things. I think for me anyway, it’s, a daily thing that I need to do.

You know stick to and then I can see it in my life there are so many good YouTube channels and different videos. There are so many good podcasts these days and books, of course, and audiobooks that you can nurture your mind with, and having that good information on when you’re, driving or cooking or doing your makeup, really does make such a big difference In your day and your thoughts in your self-talk and a book that I recently read, that I think fits so well in this topic feel the fear and do it anyway by Susan Jeffords, Iowa’s to this inaudible,  and I Would highly highly recommend it? It’s, short! Listen! It’s about just over an hour, so it’s, not too much like a heavy book, but it’s filled with value and information and takeaways, and I love the title of this book feel the “Fear and Do It Anyway”, because it just shows that we all have fears, and I think this is why this book is so popular and has sold so many millions of copies.

It was written in 1987. So before I was even born, it’s a classic book that, if you guys haven’t read or listened to yet I would highly highly recommend she talks a lot about self-awareness and taking full responsibility for your life.

Your emotions, your feelings, and that nobody else is a reason for you to feel any which way she also talks a lot about positive thinking and how positive thinking is more realistic than pessimistic thinking, because there’s, a study that showed That over 90 % of what people worry about will never actually happen.

So it’s, way more effective to think positively and to welcome those situations into your life and to kind of give your brain a roadmap of how something can happen and then what to expect from that situation positively.

So many good takeaways from this book, I would highly highly recommend it and if you want to listen to it for free, I am working with Audible on this video.

You can text any Jeffery to 500 500 and you will get one free audiobook also, if you guys, are Amazon. Prime members, they are doing a special offer for July. So, for a limited time, you can start an audible membership and save 66 % on your first three months, which is a total of $ 30 off, which is pretty much like getting three months of audible for the price of one you’ll pay.

Just 495 per month for the first three months and after that, it’s only 40 95 months, and this offer is valid from the first of July till the 31st of July. So it’s still valid right now and every month you’ll get one free, audiobook and two free audible originals from a changing list.

So you ‘ Ll, have lots of good stuff to listen to. There are so many good titles definitely check out Audible if you haven’t already, and you can listen to it. While you’re cooking driving working out cleaning such a good way to infuse your mind with positivity, if it wasn’t for audible, I definitely would not have been able to read or to listen or to gain as much information from Books as I have so definitely recommended that my fourth tip for having lots of good energy throughout the day is to stay hydrated water is such an essential thing for our bodies.

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I’m sure. You guys know that just as with sleep it’s such a fundamental basic to get covered, it’s. Those simple things do make such a big difference. For me, one of the most important times to drink water is right when I wake up that alone gives me such a good boost and a burst of energy first thing in the morning completely, naturally so without coffee or tea, and that only does it give me a good boost of energy, but it also makes me go to the bathroom which I’ve, also talked about in another video of mine called my tips for gut health and good digestion.

I will have that link below, but that is such an essential thing. As well, because we want to go throughout our day feeling like our tummy – is nice and not bloated or not uncomfortable, because we are not moving.

You know the food through our body. You check out that video, if you haven’t seen it already, but on another note just having water throughout the day, if you’re feeling sluggish pickup, a liter of water has the whole thing, and I can guarantee you You will feel a lot different and it will give you a boost of energy.

My fifth tip for good energy is to make sure that you are fueling your body with the right nutrients so again going back to the basic building blocks of our bodies. We need that oxygen, we need hydration, but we also need good vitamins and nutrients that we can use to create good energy.

So I think it’s, always really important. If you’re feeling kind of lost – and you know out of hope when it comes to energy – always go back to the basics and also not eat things that are going to be difficult for your body to process or to organize within itself.

So too many artificial things or overly processed things that if you were your stomach or your intestines and you are receiving all of these things, would you rather receive fresh whole nutrient-dense foods that you know exactly what to do, because our bodies have been eating those for Thousands and thousands of years, or would you want to receive a completely artificial, chemically compacted manufactured thing, whether that be a certain candy or a soda, or something no like man-made? Imagine receiving that and not knowing what to do with those things and the digestion process itself can take up a lot of energy as well so trying to just be kind to your body and put things in your body that you feel like.

If you were your body, you could handle it. That makes sense that’s. How I like to think about it. Sometimes, my sixth tip for good energy is to practice gratitude. I think gratitude is one of the quickest and easiest ways to snap ourselves out of feeling low feeling in a slump or having bad energy or feeling low, and it’s, something that’s relatively simple as well because it all happens In here, so you don’t have to go anywhere.

You do ‘ T have to do anything, or take anything it’s all internal, and it. All about your mind. So if you’re feeling low, because maybe you got some bad news and that’s, taking your energy away or if you know that you have to complete a big project, whether that be for school or work or just like A personal thing that you want to do and it’s.

You feel like it’s, draining your energy just turning that around and thinking and saying. I have to do this project for my boss, or I have to do this thing that I said I was do turning that into I get to do this project, you know the same thing could go with.

Oh, there’s, a workout class that I signed up for that. I wanted to do it, but now I’m, not feeling like it turns that into I get to do this workout class. I have a healthy functioning body. I have two arms two legs eyes to see with lungs to breathe with, and I’m able to go and do this workout class.

It could even be that you’re grateful for your home, your family, your bed, the clothes that you’re wearing the food that you ate it doesn’t have to be anything too big and crazy. The point is just about appreciating what you have and turning and switching the path of your mind from a negative, pessimistic view to a more optimistic view.

So gratitude is key and I can guarantee you that it will snap you out of a negative thought or a low moment, and it can even give you a little burst of energy as you’re thinking about all of the good things that are going On in your life and what you’re appreciative for my seventh tip for having lots of good energy is to plan things for the future and to have something to look forward to now.

This could go from you know, small things like little dates and meetings with your friends or it can even be. You know something bigger like a vacation or a trip, but having something that you can put in your calendar that you look forward to.

For me. This is something that I love to do because you know day-to-day life can be pretty normal and we have our routines and nothing extraordinary has to happen every single day.

But if you know that on Friday, you’re gonna go on a date with your boyfriend, with your friend whatever, and you’re gonna go to that amazing restaurant on Tuesday or Wednesday. It feels like you have something to look forward to that’s, gonna happen in a few days, and I feel like it kind of just lifts the spirits a little bit, and for me anyway, it’s, something that I always Feel like kind of puts a little pep in my step and makes me a little bit more excited about.

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My eighth tip for having good energy is to keep your space clean for me to be able to feel productive and clear and motivated. My space needs to be clean and I think, just doing a little bit of cleaning every day, whether that be for 10 minutes or 15 minutes, but just setting an intention that you’re gonna make some effort every single day to keep your space clean so that it doesn’t go for weeks and weeks, and then it ends up looking completely crazy, but that’s.

Something that energizes me as well like waking up in the morning and coming into a living room and into a kitchen that’s, not like a crazy mess it’s just. It makes me feel a lot better and gives me more energy.

My ninth tip for having good energy is to pay attention to the self-talk that we say to ourselves. So we all have this little chatterbox in our mind, and every single person has this even the most confident, beautiful, successful, or well-accomplished person that you might see on TV or YouTube or hear about any celebrity.

Every single person has this chatterbox. This chatterbox is not always the most positive influence or a positive thing going on in our brain, but the difference is learning to tune out that voice and tune in to a more positive and nurturing, and uplifting voice that can help us in our lives.

If you’re feeling low on energy, you might be telling yourself. I just need a coffee-like. I cannot function right now without coffee, and I just need lots of sugar and unhealthy food right now to focus and function.

I’m sure that at some point in your life, these types of thoughts have come into your head, along with other things that might not be so helpful to our lives, even though they might feel a bit strange. We can turn that voice into something more positive that can give us energy.

If you keep repeating. Oh, my god, I’m, so tired, I’m, so tired, I’m, so tired. That is what our body is going to hear and react to. If you change that into I feel so good I have so much energy. I can do everything that I set my mind to.

I am boundless in the amount of energy that I have, and I feel amazing that is gonna, send a completely different message to your body to your brain, and all of the other systems in your body. Just imagine how much more productive and efficient you’ll be when you instruct your body on how you want to feel not on what your feelings are telling you.

You know you have to kind of like steer your mind and just watch. How your body follows so if you tell yourself these affirmations, which I know sound a little bit woozy, and maybe it feels like you’re lying to yourself.

Our subconscious. The mind is a very funny thing and something that I’m. Always really interested to learn more about it. I’m. So fascinated by it. Doesn’t even have to believe that it’s. True, it’s all about what it hears.

So, even if you keep telling yourself, I’m, so bad at math or I’m a horrible public speaker or I find it difficult to make genuine connections with people or whatever limiting thoughts you might be having instead instruct your Brain and say I’m, a great public speaker.

I love eating healthy. I love to get enough sleep. I love living a healthy lifestyle, just see how your life will change by just giving your brain. Those instructions just know that self-talk is really important and it can help you in changing the way you feel in how much energy you have, and it’s, something that all starts from here or from here and my last tip for having good Energy throughout the day is to drink.

Green tea. Teas are a lot lower in caffeine, but they do still contain some caffeine, so it ”’ll still give you a little boost and I feel like it’s. A more gentle source of caffeine and a more gentle way to kind of wake up your body than coffee, green tea specifically is rich in antioxidants, which are good for your skin as well.

Antioxidants find free radicals in your body and neutralize them, so it gets rid of the bad stuff. Also with tea, you’re, less likely to get jitters throughout the day, or you know big caffeine crashes, so that’s, something it’s a benefit as well.

So those are my ten tips on how to naturally increase your energy levels. I hope that you guys enjoyed this video and found it interesting. I would love to hear from you: do you do any of these tips or practice any of these things that I talked about or if you have any other tips or little things that you do for energy? Let me know down below.

I know that there are also certain supplements and different things that you can take that I didn’t go into in this video, but let me know if you would want me to do a video on the different supplements that I take.

That could be helpful in this topic as well. I hope that you guys are all having a beautiful day.

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